CX practitioners struggle to identify customers and understand their digital behavior

Uncover the key revelations offered by an extensive survey of CX professionals who reveal thoughts on key issues relating to digital CX

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Adam Jeffs

digital cx expert using tablet

The toughest digital CX challenge faced by CX practitioners is the identification of customers across multiple lines of the business (24 per cent), closely followed by understanding customer behavior across digital channels (18 per cent), according to CX Network’s Digital Customer Experience Report 2020

Given that the report also states that only one per cent of CX experts believe their organization operates with a seamless omnichannel model, it is unsurprising that many organizations are having trouble with holistic customer identification and understanding their digital behavior.

These organizations likely lack the required synergy across departments and channels to ensure customer data is visible and understood across the organization.

Moves in the right direction

However, the report does state there is some encouraging progression in tackling these challenges. The number of brands only providing one or two key contact channels has halved since 2019 and a 10 per cent growth is seen in the amount of CX experts stating they have successfully implemented a multichannel model – which looks to provide a variety of digital and physical channels for customers.

Channel accessibility improvements of this kind have proven critical for brands to ensure all customers are being identified and understood. CX Network research has shown that clear channel preferences exist for particular customer segments, meaning that brands who fail to provide certain channels could be ignorantly creating points of friction and frustration for entire customer segments.

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