The Role of Data and Analytics in RSA Insurance Group’s Customer Experience Strategy

Interview with Ian Kenealy, Head of Customer Data & Analytics at RSA Insurance Group, about delivering an optimised customer experience utilising insights from data and analytics.

Ian Kenealy is the Head of Customer Data & Analytics at RSA Insurance Group. In his role he heads up the team responsible for all customer and marketing analytics, as well as creating and managing the single customer view for the More Th>n direct Insurance business. He is also responsible for determining customer targeting strategy across all online and offline channels.

Ian uses all of his 20 years’ experience in all elements of customer & data driven direct & digital marketing in Financial Services, Telecomms, Utilities and Retail, to ensure that the £20m+ marketing budget is spent in the most optimised way utilising econometric as well as more traditional analytical and modelling techniques.

In this interview for CX Network, Ian talks about:

  • Creating a single data set to deliver a joined-up customer view across the entire business, to understand how people are using multiple contact channels
  • The biggest challenges Ian faces in his role working with digital data
  • The impact of increased regulation and limited customer interactions on customer experience in the financial services industry
  • Approaching data holistically in the end-to-end customer journey
  • The most effective methodology to extract the most value from customer data
  • Managing a consistent customer experience as the number of channels to personalise experiences increases