Life as a Chief Executive Officer and Customer Experience Officer

Seth Adler



Host Seth Adler is joined by Ahmed Gul, Digital Business Development Manager at Turk Telecom in the CX Network podcast hot seat this week. This episode looks at the decision made by the company’s CEO to join the frontlines of delivering daily customer service.  

Ahmed Gul also explains how as one of the oldest companies in Turkey, Turk Telecom has seen the customers behind 750,000 of its calls adopt its new Visual IVR service.  




Key Highlights

Workforce management

“If customers cannot meet their expectations on the platform, they still have the option to speak with an agent. The advantage is the platform is connected to the regular IVR platform. So once the customer calls the customer care, the agent will be able to know who that person is and why they're calling.

“So the agent will be able to see the whole transaction of the customer and will be able to help them directly and very quickly.”

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Customer care first

Seth: “You mentioned that your CEO changed his job title.”

Ahmed: “He changed his job title to Customer Experience Officer. We had a lot of complaints about our existing service, and he was appointed as a CEO about one and a half years ago.

“He had this ambition to turn this company into most well-known brand, and also have the highest customer satisfaction levels amongst the competition and also amongst all the other companies within Turkey, so he changed his title. Now he's responding to all the incoming queries from the customers through every social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn.”

Seth: “The CEO?”

Ahmed: “Yeah. He's responding to the customers.”

Seth: “Every single one of them?”

Ahmed: “Yeah.”

Seth: “First off, how does he have this kind of time?”….

Customer satisfaction

“We're learning a lot. We started this initiative called Empathy. Through our Empathy project, we're trying to increase our customer satisfaction level based on different KPIs and metrics. We have set a list of crucial KPIs that we try to reach.”