Forrester research: Drive business growth with great customer experience [German]

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Posted: 03/19/2018

How does a customer’s loyalty drive your business growth? Forrester shows the value of CX investment.

Forrester reports that 50 per cent of customer experience (CX) professionals can’t determine what an improvement in customer experience is worth to their business.

To help illustrate the value, the research firm analysed data from their CX Index to understand the impact of a one-point increase in CX Index scores for companies across 17 industries.

This report highlights:

  • Business growth potential that comes with improving CX for 17 industries
  • Industry-specific differences in positive growth potential as CX improves
  • Insights that help CX pros communicate CX ROI

We have this report available in local languages as well, click the respective links below to access your preferred version:

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Posted: 03/19/2018