Customer data management: are you crawling, walking or running?

The importance of customer data management and identity management at the core of delivering personalized marketing programs

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Customer data and analytics

Well-managed customer data is foundational to successful marketing. The act of reaching the right person at the right time, with the right message requires solid data management practices. In collaboration with CX Network, Epsilon wanted to explore data management trends in the CX market. 

Sloppy practices will cause mistakes. For instance, when customer data resides in several isolated pockets in a portfolio, the conflicted customer view can trip up companies when they attempt to identify a customer.

As customer data management and identity management are at the core of delivering personalized, omnichannel marketing programs – it is vital that brands have a clear understanding of their data management maturity. Are you crawling, walking or running?

CXN Live: CX APAC Online 2021

The pandemic has dramatically shifted the Customer Experience landscape and the nature of customer queries has changed; their channel preferences have shifted to be increasingly mobile and increasingly they expect businesses to provide 24 / 7 service.  

With this in mind, CX Live: CX APAC Online 2021, now in its 4th year, will be focused helping CX professionals navigate these significant changes.

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After assessing your maturity level, CX practitioners can better understand the challenges currently faced at their brand and the benefits that could be realized from investing in improved customer data management.

Using a research group of customer experience practitioners based in APAC, this report, which was commissioned by Epsilon explores the concept of data management maturity. CX practitioners in APAC should use the insights to support their brand’s self-assessment and use the learnings to empower their progress to the next level of sophistication with data management.

Download this report to:

  1. Assess your brand’s maturity in customer data management programs and your ability to identify unified and individual customer data
  2. Re-evaluate the level of investment you are making in customer data management and identity management
  3. Obtain tailored insights on how to grow to the next stage of data management maturity
  4. Benchmark your progress, data challenges and successes, against a group of your customer experience peers in APAC
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