Chatbots in customer experience: eBook

CX Network looks at the examples of three very different organizations – a large private company, a charity and a government body – to find out the role chatbots have played in transforming their front-facing services.

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Chanice Henry

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Chatbots in customer care 

To fast track issue resolution times and empower customers to take control of their own experiences, brands are beginning to recruit a new breed of staff member: chatbots.

When implemented correctly, chatbots can provide significant business benefits. They can rapidly respond to large volumes of customers simultaneously, which shrinks the strain on human agents and, in some cases, can reduce cost-to-serve levels by as much as 30 per cent, according to recent studies. 

When used incorrectly, however, chatbots can become an expensive distraction for businesses and greatly damage customer experiences at scale. Implementation mistakes can result in a long list of failures that frustrate customers.

In this eBook, CX Network presents key learnings from three CX experts at brands that are experimenting with chatbots: Heineken, Calderdale Council and Versus Arthritis. The lessons from each case study offer advice for CX practitioners on how to successfully integrate chatbots into their customer journeys and avoid the common growing pains of implementation.

Here are just a few of the insights contained in the eBook:

  • Key chatbot metrics to track the performance of your bots
  • Methods to safeguard the input quality of chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Tactics to make the leap from chatbots to virtual assistants
  • Rules to obey with chatbots and human escalation
  • Tips for proving ROI (return on investment) with chatbots and virtual assistants

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