Johnson and Johnson’s Contact Center Director talks top tips

Seth Adler


Katarina Virnovska, Director of Contact Center for Global Services at pharmaceutical firm Johnson and Johnson (J&J) is the guest for this week’s CX Network podcast.

This episode dives into Kat’s story: her work on finding processes to cure cancer, life in Czechoslovakia and her experience in the contact call center business.   



Key Highlights

Talent acquisition and management

“I'm always surprised by the fact that you can hire or work with somebody, and [when] this person makes big leaps in learning, and they can end up being CFOs of companies. It's one of the things I really enjoy about what I'm doing. Discovering talent, working with them and growing them.”

Customer experience & employee awareness

“Know your customer’s wants, number one. Know your employees, because its only when your people are okay with what they do and understand what to do and why, that you can then relate to your customer.”

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