How Virgin Atlantic Empowers Employees and Links Digital and Physical Experiences to Meet Changing Customer Needs

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Reuben Arnold, Senior Vice President – Marketing & Customer Experience at Virgin Atlantic, discusses the evolution of CX and marketing within aviation and how the model of the airport experience has changed in recent years.

Reuben ArnoldDG.jpgReuben Arnold is Senior Vice President – Marketing & Customer Experience at Virgin Atlantic and is responsible for the airline’s customer experience in the air and on the ground.

He also oversees all aspects of brand and design across the business and leads all worldwide marketing and communication activities, through advertising and Customer Relationship Marketing, as well as sponsorship and brand activation.

In this interview for CX Network, he discusses the challenges of continuous innovation to meet customers’ needs, empowering employees to as a driver for brand advocacy, linking physical and digital experiences, moving away from traditional marketing methods, and the changing model of the airport experience.

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