Getting personal with customer experience executives

“Top-level global executives – no matter their function – are nearly uniformly focused on CX,” says Seth Adler as he reflects on the podcasts he’s created for CX Network and B2BiQ to date.

Seth Adler produces and hosts the CX Network, CCW, PEX Network, AI & Intelligent Automation Network and SSON podcasts on the B2BiQ podcast network. He's also the Editor for the AI & Intelligent Automation Network.

Through twenty years of production experience on international events, music showcases at the historic CBGB, and even bringing Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to town, he has discovered how to unlock insights while building a meaningful understanding of industries, business processes, brands, products and people.

As CX Network’s dedicated podcaster, he’s spoken to a wealth of customer experience executives about their careers and what makes them thick. Today, we’re turning the tables and putting the spotlight on Adler himself.

In this interview we give you a behind-the-scenes to our popular audio series, with highlights from past podcasts and a sneak peek of what’s coming up.

Zarina de Ruiter (ZDR): Hi Seth. First of all, for people who have yet to subscribe to your podcasts, please describe in one sentence what they can expect and why customer experience leaders should tune in.

Seth Adler (SA): They can expect case study style information. I call the discussions 'personal conversations about business'. The goal is to understand the insights that each executive has gleaned over their career and realise how that subject applies those insights to the job at hand.

ZDR: That sounds great. And let’s have a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the CX Network podcast theatre: What goes into making a podcast a success? What tips and tricks can you share to get the most out of each interviewee?

SA: First is identifying a subject who has something to say. Nearly every senior-level CX executive has a comprehensive history of success from which they're applying lessons learned to a current project. Capturing the reality of the current project and realising how past successes are informing action from the subject's team is key.

As a practical matter, a lot of what makes for a good conversation is listening (which also works at home!). There may be a pocket of good information, which is quickly referenced by the subject but not necessarily a focus of what that subject is saying. Going back in and unpacking those quick references sometimes provides great content that we wouldn't have received in a different forum.

That's one of the reasons why I feel that it's so important to sit down face-to-face in a 1-on-1 conversation for the podcast.

“I call the discussions 'personal conversations about business'."

ZDR: There are already over 50 incredible interviews to listen to, with CX practitioners from The Home Depot, Electronic Arts, Comcast, Japan Airlines, Prudential, Harley Davison, and many more taking place in the hot seat.

What are the top three podcasts new listeners should start with to get a good flavour of the range of interviewees you’ve conducted so far?

SA: There are so many great one's to choose from – even limiting it to six is tough:

1. Heather Magaha (Wells Fargo) – Heather is a force of nature. She shares how will and determination has brought her to where she is today.

2. Dana Wilson (Comcast) – You get the sense that Dana could run her own international corporation...if that was her stated goal.

3. Akira Mitsumasu (Japan Airlines) – Simply listening to Akira's tone gives you a sense of the Japan Airlines customer experience.

4. Peter Guber – Peter is a Hollywood movie producer, professional sports team owner and customer experience guru.

5. Paco Underhill – Paco wrote the book on why we buy... appropriately titled ‘Why We Buy’.

6. Ted Graham (General Motors) – Ted lets us know that the future is now in terms of automotive automation and a next-generation customer experience.

“A lot of what makes for a good conversation is listening.”

ZDR: And what has been the most surprising revelation or fascinating insight you’ve learned during an interview you’ve done so far?

SA: I have the great opportunity to host the AI & Intelligent Automation, PEX Network and SSON podcasts under the B2BiQ banner along with the CX Network podcast. Perhaps the most fascinating thing is that on each of those podcasts, the goal is to transform the corporate enterprise to redefine and better deliver on the customer experience. Top-level global executives – no matter their function – are nearly uniformly focused on CX.

ZDR: Finally, can you share a sneak peek of what we can look forward to in the coming months?

SA: I'm most excited about the further integration of the CX Network podcast into the CX Network brand. We'll be featuring the Advisory Board, the 30 under 30, the CX Network LIVE virtual events and your fantastic reports.

ZDR: That sounds very exciting, Seth. Thanks for the sneak peek and great insight into your podcast series to date!

“Top-level global executives – no matter their function – are nearly uniformly focused on CX.

CX Network podcast series engagement opportunity

Each week Seth Adler discusses ingenuity, inspiration, leadership, and precisely what has brought each subject to this moment in time. Our podcasts reach educated, affluent and mobile listeners every month who are open to hearing your brand message in a singularly intimate format when your customers want it.

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