Electronic Arts: ‘We are committed to the voice of the player’

Seth Adler

In this week’s CX Network podcast interview, EA’s Head of Customer Care Operations Worldwide talks about the importance of social listening and real-time learning.



John Pompei is the Head of Customer Care Operations Worldwide at interactive entertainment software company Electronic Arts (EA).

In this in-depth podcast interview with host Seth Adler he shares that the EA player is pretty broad and pretty diverse; John’s 24-year-old son is considered a player but so is his 81-year-old mother. And he has a 19-year-old nephew who’s also a player.

The only difference between them is the type of games each player plays. So Pompei is focused on personalisation, understanding who each player is so that the team can deliver the experience which the player is looking for instead of focusing on a one-size-fits-all. Leadership has adopted a player-first approach.

With that, there’s been an evolution and a transformation on change and focus on the players’ experience.

“We have invested in social listening. We’re very committed to the voice of player and getting the right technology to enable us for more of that real-time learning and understanding.”