How Mature is Your Customer Experience Level?

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A new report has found that the level of customer experience maturity within your company may well be related to your financial results.

You might think that the level of customer experience maturity within your company is purely related to the CX efforts you put in, but new research by Temkin Group has found an additional aspect that may influence this.

Studying 199 large organisations they found that a majority of 77 per cent with above average customer experience maturity levels reported that their financial results in 2014 were better than their competitors. This compares to 55 per cent of those with below average customer experience maturity.

These results were gained by classifying companies into six stages of maturity:

1) Ignore
2) Explore
3) Mobilise
4) Operationalise
5) Align
6) Embed

The study found that the percentage of large organisations that have reached the three highest levels of maturity has grown from 23 per cent in 2014 to 32 per cent this year.

Furthermore, while only 7 per cent of companies surveyed believe that their organisation currently delivers industry-leading customer experience, a majority of 55 per cent have a goal to be an industry-leader within three years.

The research also showed that 37 per cent of large organisations have more than 10 full-time customer experience professionals.

Of those surveyed, 63 per cent have a senior executive in charge of their customer experience efforts. And senior executives in companies with higher customer experience maturity levels are more likely to focus on the company's culture and less likely to focus on cutting costs.

Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner of Temkin Group, said: "Customer experience is a reflection of a company's culture and operating processes. Companies that understand this and gain customer experience maturity reap the benefits of more loyal customers."