Consumers Want to Help Brands Improve their CX Strategy

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Customers want to give companies feedback to help them be successful, according to a new study.

Changing your customer experience (CX) strategy to better aligned with your customers and their preferences can be a daunting task if you’re unsure where to start, but new research has found that you don’t have to do it alone.

In fact, your customers want to help you improve your CX as they like to provide feedback and feel appreciated.

Data company InMoment asked consumers and brands to rank importance of the same set of customer experience elements and the strongest theme emerging from the consumer side was that they want to feel valued by the brands they support.

One in three explicitly mentioned how they want to feel about their interactions with brands, using words and phrases like "feeling valued", "acknowledged", "heard", "appreciated", and "respected", Nearly half of the consumers who mentioned the word "value" used it to express their desire to give value to the company.

And when asked why they give feedback, four in five consumers selected "I enjoy offering my feedback and making a difference".

Consumers also added that they want brands to let them know how they plan to use their feedback, whether or not it was helpful, and what changes it inspired in the end.

"Consumers are offering brands a gift," said Lonnie Mayne, president of InMoment. "They want the brands they love to be successful, and they’re eager to help.

"If companies build their business around really listening and responding to customers, not only will they be able to create the kind of fierce customer loyalty and advocacy that translates in to positive financial results, customers will also provide insights into improving other parts of their business as well."