Improving Customer Loyalty Through Building and Nurturing Solid Relationships

The second part of our interview with Bobbi Dangerfield, the Vice President, Global Sales Operations at Dell.

Bobbi DangerfieldBobbi Dangerfield is the Vice President, Global Sales Operations at Dell. In her role, Bobbi leads the Global Sales Operations at the tech company. She has more than 20 years of experience in Information Systems, Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

In the first part of our interview with Bobbi, she discussed the current challenges facing the customer experience industry, what changes lay ahead and how they utilise Voice-of-the-Customer channels to connect with customers. Today she talks about customer loyalty, providing CX within technology and what the future looks like for Dell.

Hi Bobbi, welcome back to CX Network! Brand advocacy is a hot topic within the CX industry, how do you ensure customer loyalty and encourage advocacy?

What we're most concerned about as we focus on the customer experience at Dell is improving customer loyalty through the solid relationships we build and nurture. Our customers tell us time and time again they want us to know their business, which helps us win business and nurture loyalty.

Focusing on the complete experience will give our customers a reason to not only earn their loyalty but inspire them to evangelise on our behalf. In addition, we need our people to be ambassadors of the brand - they are the ones that bring customer experience and that personalised experience to life whether they're interacting with our customers one-on-one or building the online experience.

You primarily work with CIOs, how does your approach to CX differ with a C-level heavy customer base opposed to working with consumer customers?