How to Enhance the Customer Experience Through Social Media Marketing

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Sarah Lattouf

Social media has swiftly become one of the prime customer touch-points, continuously sculpting and shaping customer experiences. The development of social media over the past years has revolutionised customer experience, leading to the re-birth of more informed customers. Consumers are faced by an abundance of purchasing decisions and chaotic buying journeys.

The rise of digital and social media increased the readiness and availability of information essential for the decision making process, in the form of product reviews as an example. Customers are now equipped with the knowledge necessary giving rise to more specific needs and expectations.

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Filing customer service complaints used to be increasingly difficult in an era where social media was non-existent. Social media has now levelled the balance of power and consumers are now able to voice their complaints or opinions on social media. Responses prior to social media also used to be quite slow, but the notion of mass destruction that’s embedded within one tweet/social post has ensured a much quicker turnaround.

Having said that, companies are becoming more aware that customers voicing their frustrations through social media can cause a tangible damage to the brand, and therefore customer experience has become a priority for companies; it’s no longer a place to cut costs and losses but a long-term investment with goals to build customer loyalty and advocacy.

Social media has swiftly become one of the prime customer touch-points, but which key steps should every brand take with their social media marketing to continuously enhance their CX and build a loved brand?

Here is how your brand can ensure excellent customer experience delivery with social media marketing.

Highlight Your Brand’s Personality

The most important way to ensure excellent customer experience delivery is highlighting your brand’s personality through social media. Giving your customers access to what’s happening ‘behind the scenes’ of your business helps them build and develop trust.

When customers feel that employees within a company are a tight family unit, they start attributing the same emotions reflected on social media to the brand. For example, a company reflecting emotions in relation to employee engagement on social media through pictures/posts will induce the same emotions in consumers in terms of belonging improving the overall customer experience.

Build Interactions and Relationships

Ensuring that you deliver useful content is an integral part of delivering a cohesive customer experience.

Social media is one of the main touch points for customer experience, providing useful content will guarantee that your customers continuously engage and interact with your brand, which then leads to developing a relationship and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Customer Experience as a Subset of Customer Engagement

Distributing shareable content is another great way to ensure a seamless customer experience delivery. When customers share your content your brand gains exposure. This cycle of distributing and sharing gives birth to brand advocates who continuously send positive messages and positive attributions to others in the form of word-of-mouth advertising.

It’s important to understand that customer experience is a subset of customer engagement. Customer engagement is the interaction customers have with the brand and customer experience is the perception of that interaction, the more engagement the brand has with its customers the better the perception.


The marriage between digital and social has given birth to new dimensions for customer experience that can be quite tricky for brands to meet. However, highlighting a brand’s personality, delivering useful and shareable content, and building customer-company relationship are sure-fire social media marketing methods to enhance your customer experience delivery.