How lean CX can boost patient experience

Mohamed Saleh and Connie Flores, lean practitioners at Hartford Healthcare, join the podcast this week to discuss lean processes, change management, leadership communication and the importance of listening.

“You have to be lean - not just do or act lean” to attain better patient experience, CX success and become more customer centric.” 

What is lean management?

Lean management is a long-term workflow strategy that focuses on using continuous improvement to improve business efficiency and overall performance. Processes are analysed and revised to ensure they are at their optimum state and create value for customers.  

Test your model inside out and outside in

“One of the things we learned is that we need to really pressure test the model we have, and see if it’s giving us the result it was designed to give us… We've done so much work, we've evolved as an organisation significantly, and we're able to cascade, communicate and align our initiatives all the way down to the frontline through our management system. However, it seems that there’s room for opportunity when it comes to the ability to listen to staff, and work our way backwards,” says Mohamed.

Assess your trajectory

As one of the two initial lean sensei at the business, Connie Flores describes how eye-opening the first lead steering committee meeting was. She was struck by the different perspectives from people based in different areas of the system. All “... wondering what this lean stuff is and how they’re going to invest resources to do this, I learned that simply sitting, listening and observing was the secret. If I spent the time just talking and not listening, I wouldn't be able to understand what their perspectives were, and think about how to get them to where they needed to be. 10 years later, we no longer need that steering committee as part of our fibre.” 

As her parting wisdom, Connie advises people who on their lean journey to attend conferences and network; “see what’s actually out there, get outside your bubble, because the impossible is really getting done!” 

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Listen to the podcast in full below for more lean strategies to unlock value for your customers: