Friday Inspiration: There is Only One Boss - The Customer

Today's motivational message comes from Walmart founder Sam Walton, and puts the focus back on the customer.

In our new series we want to inspire and empower you on the last working day of the week, with a motivational quote that will make you think, ahead of scheduling your priorities for the upcoming week.

Our first inspirational quote was from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and it highlighted the importance of ensuring a high level of employee commitment as an imperative part of customer happiness.

Today we have a great quote from another American businessman and entrepreneur, Walmart founder Sam Walton:


Sam Walton's message is clear: Whatever you do within your company, the main focus should always be on the customer.

This might be obvious from a customer experience perspective but it isn't always across the company, and especially the C-suite can be easily distracted by optimising financial figures and long-term strategies without incorporating the ever-changing requirements of the customers into those plans.

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