This is How Telecoms Company Sure Ensures a Customer-Centric Vision Across the Entire C-Suite

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Charlotte Dunsterville, Head of Customer Experience at Sure, talks to CX Network about her 'a day in the life' programme.

As a CX leader your professional life may be focused on your customer experience strategy and improving the customer's journey across the company, however, your colleagues - such as the CEO or CIO - may not be working with such a customer-centric vision in mind.

So how can you ensure a customer-centric culture across the entire company and make all of your colleagues understand the importance of a CX focus?

Charlotte Dunsterville, Head of Customer Experience at telecoms company Sure, has told CX Network that they have launched a specific programme across their company to make every employee an integral part of the customer's journey.

She explained: "I launched a programme called 'a day in the life', which is a day scheduled with the operational team. Anyone can come along and we started with the CEO.

Essentially it is a day in the life of a customer. You would start with the provisioning team and see how a customer put in an order and how it would be processed and what the issues were with that.

You would then sit with the contact centre and do some call listening and hear what customers would say. You would also go out with an engineer for a couple of hours, to see how broadband is installed, for example.

And then you'd sit with the complaints manager and with the person who runs all of the customer insight. Finally, you'd sit with Sara, who does the customer journey mapping.

The idea was to get people from the board, who maybe work more in finance or commercially, sit with the staff on the ground and go out with engineers, and really understand what life is like in the operational team and, more importantly, how their department impacts on that and what the impact is on the customer.

That is one thing that proved very successful at board level and we also run other people through that, so itã??s now part of the induction programme for new staffers. This is a very practical thing and I also try to talk more about the customer impact when business decisions are being made."

How have you created a customer-centric vision across your company? We'd love to hear from you for future case studies, so please email the Editor on if you'd like to share your story.