Building Brand Loyalty Through Rewards and Engagement

Loyalty is not a new concept within the customer experience industry but it's still a very relevant one.

In today's digital age shopping around before buying a product or service has become easier than ever, with comparison websites and online user reviews at the fingertips of the consumer, tempting them away from the companies and brands they have invested in in the past.

While a great price and quality ratio remains a decisive factor, with a nearly unlimited source of information and endorsements available, many other aspects can now make or break a customer relationship.

So how do you ensure that you build a strong and lasting relationship with your customers?

The attached article answers that question and also includes insights from online retailer through a case study of their "Moonpig Addicts" community.

Trending Topics in Customer Experience
The loyalty piece is part of a larger report covering what is trending in customer experience rigtrends1.pnght now, which also includes:
  • Big data - Finding your customer in a sea of data
  • Digital marketing - Evolving your marketing strategy for the digital era
  • Diversification - Increasing brand awareness in unexpected ways
  • Omni-channel - Creating a consistent customer experience
  • Personalisation - Adding a personal touch to the customer's journey
  • Social media - Forming a social relationship with your customers & What social media channel is right for you?

And to read the preview, Building Brand Loyalty Through Rewards and Engagement, download the article below.