5 Excellent Customer Experience Lessons You Can Learn From Swarovski

Maya Fowell

The world has finally awoken to the importance of customer experience being a key competitive differentiator.

For CX leaders across the globe this has been a truth universally acknowledged for quite some time, however for those who have been a little slower off the mark the battle has only just began. Faced with real competitive challenges to provide the best customer service and with further constraints coming from customers demanding better digital innovation, customer experience is the way to stay afloat.

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To stay ahead of the game it is important to embed a culture of customer-centricity into your company and effectively train and reward your existing employees. Keeping existing clients happy and maximising the efficiency of internal processes is the key to continuous improvement. Moreover, operating in an environment where consumer trust and loyalty are all up for grabs, it is important for everyone to realise the potential of actioning data from VOC programmes for valuable customer insights and analytics.

This article looks at 5 CX lessons all customer experience leaders can learn from Swarovski’s Customer Experience Manager, Karin Winkler.

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