10 Ways in Which Customer Experience Leaders Can Tackle The Biggest CX Challenges

Better case studies, more communication and increased board level awareness are some of the ways in which customer experience leaders can tackle the challenges they’re currently facing.

As a constantly changing and evolving market, customer experience provides a wealth of challenges. Research we have conducted from over 700 respondents has found that the top 5 biggest stumbling blocks for CX practitioners today are:

  • creating a customer-first culture;
  • competing priorities;
  • employee engagement;
  • ensuring consistency across channels; and
  • moving from a product focus to a customer focus.

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Danny Andrea, Retail Director of Artisan du Chocolat, added that some of these results are actually touching upon the same challenge.

She explained: “It’s all about creating that culture of putting the customer first, but that goes hand in hand with putting people first and I see that with the employee engagement side of things. It’s all about looking after your people; those you employ and those that come and purchase from you. Without employee engagement you’ll never have that customer first culture because your employees are creating that experience and are the ones that are ultimately going to put the customer first. So it’s about the two together rather than putting them as key separate entities.”

While it is interesting and insightful to see where the majority of CX leaders are struggling today – so you can benchmark your own experiences against their – it’s of course even more valuable to understand how you can tackle these challenges.

We asked our community of experts what would help them overcome the biggest challenges facing CX leaders today and you can find their top 10 answers below.



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