Smile(y) Exchange to Massively Speed Up Customer Service

Domino's Pizza introduces tweet-a-pizza feature, where customers can Tweet an emoji of a pizza to place their order.

Digital is already a large part of customer experience, with people buying products and services online, sending feedback over email, browsing company websites for information and exchanging messages with customer service reps over social media.

It's not surprising with the first digital generation, Millennials, becoming a more prominent part of the consumer culture; they want immediate gratification and digital channels give them exactly what they want.

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Domino's Pizza is today, 20 May 2015, introducing a new feature for American consumers that plays right into the hand of those that want to get that immediate gratification with the least amount of effort; tweet-a-pizza.

Consumers will simply have to tweet an emoji (smiley face) of a pizza to the company's Twitter account to place their order.

With many people having mobiles and tablets on their person when they're out and about and at their own homes this provides a very convenient alternative to going out to place an order, or even to make a phone call and having to speak to another person.

Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino's Pizza, told USA Today in a phone interview: "It's the epitome of convenience. We've got this down to a five-second exchange."

With phone's generally ringing for more than 5 seconds before you're even speaking to a customer service representative to place an order, this does sound like the quickest and more convenient way to get a pizza.

And the new service doesn't mean you're stuck with a plain slice of cheese and tomato either. You can create an account on the company's website with your Twitter handle and preferred order, after which tweeting the emoji is enough to place is. So for first time users the order does take more than 5 seconds, but after that you're sorted. Unless you want to change your order, of course.

In addition to the new Twitter order service, Domino's Pizza is also at the forefront of other innovative order services, which also includes Samsung Smart TV and smartwatches.