Understanding customers’ digital behavior with experience analytics

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When you start to study customer behavior online, at first glance customers often seem to behave unpredictably.

While you might expect them to navigate pages logically and methodically, instead they open one page, scroll halfway down, close down their entire browser and pick things up again later on a different device - all for what appears to be no apparent reason.

How can you target customers with useful products and services if you don't understand what's driving their digital behavior?

This guide looks at how businesses at various levels of CX maturity are sharpening their understanding of customers with digital experience analytics.

Real-life cases: One business managed to increase overall conversions by 3-4% as well as the proportion of profitable customer segments in its portfolio. By eliminating digital points of friction, RBS claims to have improved more than one million customer journeys.

Download this guide to gain insight on five key areas

Analyze: Conducting a deep-dive into what works digitally and what doesn’t
Optimize: Fixing those issues that limit the digital experience and provide barriers to conversion.
Understand:  Going beyond ‘find and fix’ to truly understand customer mindsets
Predict: Using these mindsets to predict future behaviors, intents and needs
Transform: Anticipating customer needs before they even know themselves

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