Defining Digital Experience

How marketing and CX leaders are defining the evolving digital experience space

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Customers' digital behaviors can initially seem haphazard and hard to decode. Despite the complexity of defining digital experience, brands must master this exercise if they are to delight customers and win loyalty. 

To secure — and retain — customer loyalty, brands are now devoting more time to honing their digital experiences and developing an understanding of their customers' behavior.

As the implications of this approach for customer loyalty, sales and revenue growth become increasingly clear, the idea of digital experience (DX) is starting to shift from a subset of marketing into a discipline in its own right.

48% have a dedicated digital experience department

Despite significant investment, digital experience is still in its infancy. Clearly senior leaders value its importance, but the day-to-day practice of this new discipline is yet to be perfected, or even fully understood.

This report represents a fundamental first step in developing such an understanding.

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Digital experience 

Produced by Clicktale and CX Network, it incorporates data from over 200 marketing and CX professionals from some of the world’s leading brands. The result is a unique insight into the objectives and strategy that have come to shape today’s digital experience approach, as well as the elements that will define DX in the years to come.

Access this report for insight on:

  • Building digital experiences
  • Who owns the digital experience
  • What’s holding digital experiences back
  • The need to understand digital behavior

Featured insight from Brian Solis, Keynote Speaker, Futurist, and Principal Analyst at Altimeter



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