How Coca-Cola uses augmented and virtual reality to craft immersive digital stories

At CXN Live: Experience Design, Dobrian Dobrev, UX architect for Coca-Cola’s IT marketing team, offered attendees a look into how the food and beverage giant is creating immersive digital stories

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At CXN Live: Experience Design, Dobrian Dobrev, UX architect for Coca-Cola’s IT marketing team, took attendees through the process of designing immersive digital stories at the soft drink giant.

Augmented and virtual reality in customer experience

Dobrev began by discussing the concept of dematerialization, noting that we have gone from a dependence on physical objects, such as calendars or letters, to owning personal computers that can carry out a range of functions in a purely digital way. Following this we witnessed mobilization, where these same tasks are carried out on mobile devices.

Dobrev sees these technology milestones as a sign of things to come and believes that we are on the verge of the next big milestone that will see the physical and digital worlds merge, through the application of augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR).

“This technology is here to stay and we need to adapt accordingly in order to remain relevant and be efficient, creative problem solvers,” Dobrev noted during the presentation. 

After explaining the typical process used to design experiences, Dobrev detailed how Coca-Cola has been addressing the challenges of this approach when designing immersive experiences.

Coca-Cola customer experiences

Finally, Dobrev gave attendees a look into how Coca-Cola creates digital stories and experiences for its customers, offering an example of an experience it is crafting.

Dobrev presented the ‘Hydr8’ concept: an omnichannel, personalized experience that utilizes AR and VR to encourage healthy hydration habits and Coca-Cola product consumption using fun challenges and donations to humanitarian causes.

For a closer look into how Coca-Cola is creating immersive digital stories through the application of AR and VR, watch Dobrev’s session at CXN Live: Experience Design above.

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