CX TALK: How Digital Is Impacting the Contact Centre Strategy at Retailer Argos

Posted: 02/14/2016

Interview with James Leech, Head of Customer Services at Argos, about the changing shape of the contact centre landscape and the importance of digital.

James Leech is the Head of Customer Services at Argos. In this interview at the Executive Customer Contact Exchange Europe 2015, he talks about the considerations behind developing strategic and tactical contact centre solutions for the Argos business, ranging from digital channels to running a continuous improvement programme. 

Leech discusses:

  • The importance of mapping customer journeys and find the moments of truth
  • What becoming a world leader digital retailer means for the contact centre
  • The development of a new IVR, to lower customer effort, and new digital channels
  • The role of the contact centre in personalisation
  • How the contact centre landscape is changing in the next 12-18 months
  • Building a customer engagement platform