Personalised and Data-Driven Experiences Are the Future of Customer Experience

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Podcast interview with James Frost, CMO of Worldpay UK, about the importance of data as part of a CX strategy and the trends that will define the industry in 2016.

James Frost is the CMO of Worldpay UK, where he is responsible for the development and management of all marketing across the UK and Ireland – from sole traders to the largest corporations. Based in London he oversees a team of more than 80, focussed on helping Worldpay customers to prosper.

James has over twenty years of experience in marketing and strategic development. He joined Worldpay from Nectar where he was Marketing Director, overseeing the growth of the programme to become the UK’s largest loyalty scheme. Prior to this, James was in charge of pan-European brand communications and innovations for Unilever’s well-known detergent brands, such as Persil.

Customer data

In this podcast interview with CX Network, James discusses:

  • Leveraging data to provide insights not only internally, but to customers as well
  • Challenges he is currently facing in his role as CMO – and how he is overcoming these
  • Insights into what makes an effective approach to gaining customer loyalty, drawn on his experience as the former Marketing Director for Nectar
  • The differences between working with ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers
  • The biggest trends he believe will affect the customer experience industry in 2016

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