How Ryanair's CMO Turned the Airline's Bad Boy Image Around

In this interview, Kenny Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer of Ryanair, talks about fighting for their customers to make the airline the Robin Hood of the aviation industry.

kenny jacobsKenny Jacobs is the Chief Marketing Officer of Ryanair where he is responsible for sales, marketing and customer service.

Previously he was CMO for Moneysupermarket plc, which has a set of digital brands saving consumers money on insurance, finance, energy and travel.

Kenny has spent most of his career in retail, with Tesco plc as marketing director in Tesco Ireland and brand director for Tesco UK. Prior to that he worked for German retailer Metro Group GmbH in various roles in marketing and IT in Europe and Asia.

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In this podcast, Kenny discusses:

  • Making sure customer service is a key part of the customer experience strategy
  • Tackling the challenge of changing Ryanair's bad boy image around to enhance the customer service they provide
  • Fighting for customers to become the Robin Hood of the aviation industry
  • Applying his marketing experience gained at Tesco and Moneysupermarket in the travel sector
  • The impact of digital innovation and how Ryanair is adapting to the changing landscape
  • The increasing influence of mobile on digital platforms
  • Creating personalised experiences as part of a new platform launch later this year
  • How Ryanair is planning to optimise the in-flight experience, with a particular focus on digital, entertainment and connectivity
  • The biggest customer experience and marketing trends affecting travel in 2016
  • His hands-on approach to ensuring customers are receiving a memorable experience from Ryanair