Create a connected CX to increase engagement and customer lifetime value

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Learn how to manage valuable digital brand assets across multiple channels and drive better customer engagement.

In our digital age, organizations are seeking ways to reinvent how they market and strengthen their brand, manage their assets, and provide compelling customer experiences that reach the right customer – with the right content, at the right time, and via the right channel.

In our brand-new on-demand webinar you’ll discover how digital asset management is foundational to creating exceptional continuous, connected customer experiences to increase engagement, drive revenue and promote customer lifetime value.

Along the way you will discover:

  1. Tips on ensuring success throughout your digital transformation strategy
  2. How to manage valuable digital brand assets for publishing and distribution to multiple channels and devices for better customer engagement
  3. How to evolve from digital asset chaos to digital asset paradise
  4. How to reduce risks with improved governance and security of corporate and licensed rich media materials.
  5. Real-world examples of enterprises transforming their customer experience through adopting a foundation of digital asset management

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