Marketing Your Brand: Hashtags Do’s and Don’ts

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An infographic outlining the biggest do’s and don’ts when utilising hashtags in your marketing strategy.

Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers in real time and discover what they’re feeling and thinking about your brand at any given moment. Swift interactions between you and your customers is key to building that invaluable relationship that will not only improve their awareness of you, but will also provide you with invaluable insights into your customer base.

Besides instantaneous communication, social media is also a great outlet to market your company and products and services; both to existing customers that already follow you online and are a ‘fan’, as well as new ones that find you through social word of mouth and your marketing campaigns.

One way to utilise social media for your marketing efforts is by using hashtags. Twitter is undoubtedly the king of all hashtags but you can also utilise them on other online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

But how do you market your brand through hashtags? And what are the biggest do’s and don’ts? See our infographic below to find out. And we’ll be discussing how to create a hashtag and what some of the biggest pitfalls to avoid are more in-depth later this week.


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