How Does Google Build a Centralised CRM Strategy?

Learn the ins and outs of building a centralised CRM strategy from leaders within the field of customer insight and analytics.

Dônal Doyle, Head of Big Data and Insight at Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) will be speaking at the Customer Insight and Analytics Exchange, taking place in London on 27 and 28 January 2016.

Doyle’s responsibilities at the tech giant include leveraging Google data to develop business insights and identify potential opportunities for driving revenue and/or efficiencies and collaboration with central teams to deploy successful pilots and tools on a global scale – and he will be sharing his expertise with the attendees of the exclusive invite-only Exchange for senior insight leaders.

At the event, Doyle will be taking part in two round tables, including a discussion on How to Build a Centralised CRM Strategy, for which he will be joined by Fabrice Andre, Senior Vice President, Asia and West Africa for Orange, and Brian O’Connor, Director of Analytics at Barclays.

Other expert-led panels at the Customer Insight and Analytics Exchange, include:

  • Social Media Debate – Real Time Marketing: Collecting and Interpreting, Measuring and Not Counting
  • Strategy Shoot-out: Technology, Innovation & Transforming the Business
  • Rethinking The Role of Marketing and Customer Insight Leadership: The Age of the ‘Entrepreneurial’ CXOs

Speakers sharing their insights on these topics include Vince Darley, Chief Scientist at King, Charles Cai, Head of Data Science Technology at BP, Carlos Soares, Vice President Analytics & Insights at Liberty Global, and James McCormick, Principal Analyst Customer Insights at Forrester Research.

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