What Can You Learn From Barclays, HSBC and Santander’s Social Media Strategy?

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An eBook with top tips and effective ways to overcome common social media pitfalls.

Social media is used by the world’s biggest brands to reach out to customers, to say it is a new concept would be a lie. More accurately to say is that some financial companies are beginning to notice the benefits of having a competitive strategy for implementing social media best practices that ‘work alongside’ meeting the evolving needs of the customer, improving their experience and engaging with a younger demographic on their chosen platform.

When implemented correctly social media can be a great tool in your arsenal, however when things go wrong – as they often do – there is nowhere to hide and that social media blunder is available for all to see.

Using industry examples, this eBook focuses on effective ways to overcome the common pitfalls of tweeting, and presents top tips for maximising the social media strategy you already have in place and how you can learn from the mistakes of your peers.

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