What Social Media Channel is Right For You?

What popular social touch-point best suits your company's needs: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube?

Social media has changed the face of customer experience and has even been called the future of CX. Communication through social channels has elevated the company-customer relationship to a more personal level, while simultaneously providing instant gratification to the fast-moving, multi-tasking millennials - a generation that by 2020 will be spending $1.4 trillion in the US alone and represent 30 per cent of all retail sales.

Good and bad customer experiences on social media channels are generally more public than phone calls or email exchanges and are therefore more perceptive to going 'viral' - spreading like wildfire across the internet - than any other communication you have with your customers. Not to mention that once something has been published online it will remain easily accessible to loyal customers and potential new ones forever.

So that social media is an important customer contact point that much is obvious, but which channel is right for you and your business? We've profiled 4 of the biggest social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube - so you can see which fits most comfortably with your company culture and overall strategy. Though there are of course many more you can have a look at, such as Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Vine.

Trending Topics in Customer Experience
The social media piece is part of a larger report covering what is trending in customer experience rigtrends1.pnght now, which also includes:
  • Big data - Finding your customer in a sea of data
  • Digital marketing - Evolving your marketing strategy for the digital era
  • Diversification - Increasing brand awareness in unexpected ways
  • Loyalty - Building brand loyalty through rewards and engagement
  • Omni-channel - Creating a consistent customer experience
  • Personalisation - Adding a personal touch to the customer's journey
  • Social media - Forming a social relationship with your customers button.png

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