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Lessons learnt from Employee Experience

Earlier this year we worked with blogger, author and Employee Experience thought leader Emma Bridger to share her insights on tackling the challenges of employee experience transformation in the workplace. Emma joined us for our event earlier this year and below she shared her experiences with us. 

Pocket Guide: How to Boost Employee Experience on Budget

58% of EX-professionals claimed that budget was one of the main factors delaying the implementation and enhancement of EX strategies. However, the budget doesn't always have to be an issue, with effective low-cost strategies now available to implement. Find out how you can curb this and implement a low-cost strategy here.

Journey Mapping: How to improve your employee experience

Everyone is at a different stage of the employee journey. Now, increasingly, organisations are taking a lifecycle approach to employee experience that looks to capture feedback and insights at every stage of the employee journey. Find out how journey mapping can improve your employee experience here.

Kevin Monroe: Soft Skills to Superpowers

This year at Employee Experience Forum we will be welcoming Kevin Monroe as part of our speaker faculty. Kevin's focus on the importance of Human First as well as workplaces and cultures has provided true expertise in this field. Read Kevin's blog post below.

Forbes: Why Employee Experience is critical to you

Recently, Forbes published an article on 'Why your company needs to care about the Employee Experience', with some interesting statistics and insights, we took a look at the article and why they believe a great employee experience is the way forward. Read the full article here.

RBS: Restoring pride and building a great place to work

Understand how RBS are transforming their employee experience with clear purpose, visions and values for a great place to work. Follow their blueprint to lasting success including their 2020 goals.