Deliver a compelling employee experience strategy during HR transformation to drive engagement, exceed expectations and attract top talent

In a VUCA world companies are realising that in order to attract, retain and develop top talent, organisations need to not just meet employer expectations but exceed them. HR departments are undergoing a transformation in the face of challenges such as; digitalisation, employee engagement, talent attraction and retention. Consequently, HR professionals are positioned at the forefront of innovation of company culture and are collaborating with teams across the organisation in order to deliver a competitive employee experience.

The first of its kind and unique in its focus, the Employee Experience Nordics Forum 2018 will examine the pioneering strategies behind keeping employees engaged and loyal to the company they work for and to breed success. Learn from best practice case studies from a cross industry of Chief People Officers, HR Officers and Directors and partake in collaborative deep dive discussions with your industry peers.

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What will you learn?

Accessing the Voice of the Employee to understand pain-points and make positive changes

Attract and Retain top talent: Meet the needs of Generation Y through a transparent people development programme

Gain actionable insight through People Analytics and succeed in engaging your employees

Maximise success through bridging the gap between customer experience and employee experience

Avoid overwhelming your employees through digitalisation: What does the future hold? What do employees expect?

Employer Branding Strategy: Getting the basics right and establishing a compelling brand promise to successfully compete in the War for Talent

Understand the role of and utilise the influence of leadership in delivering and maintaining change

Rewards and Recognition: Motivate your team and understand what your employees value

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