27-29 January
Novotel London West, London, United Kingdom

I work in Africa or Latin America

In regions where customer experience budgets are tight, embedding a customer-centric mindset across your business can be challenging.

  • Are you struggling to transition from a cost-centric to customer-centric way of thinking?
  • Do you find that a lot of your customer experience efforts never really get past the planning phase due to lack of buy-in from internal stakeholders across your business?
  • Would you like to know how your peers from across the globe have already solved these challenges and more?

At the CEM in Telecoms Global Summit, benefit from a keynote Customer Centricity Showcase on Day 1 led by representatives from ETB and du to discover best practices in developing a customer-first culture. Plus, bring your questions to the opening CEO-led panel discussion to ensure you go home equipped with the strategies to break down silos and ensure all departments keep the customer front of mind.

And if you are still in the early stages of implementing your customer experience strategy, don’t miss the Day 1 work stream dedicated to this topic. Hear from Azerfon which strategic pillars to base your efforts around, and find out from Tigo Ghana how to move from strategy to action, and really “walk the talk” of customer experience.

Oh and don’t forget about our Thames boat tour where you will finally relax with a glass of wine after a busy Day 1 in a truly international networking experience with some fantastic views of London!

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