Nuggets of wisdom from Hospitality Customer Service Directors

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Seth Adler


This week’s podcast episode is an interactive discussion between hospitality executives onsite at CCW Customer Contact Week. The professionals that feature include:

• Leo Ooms, Director Customer Services, TUI Benelux

• Philip Purdy, Customer Services Director Europe, Travelzoo

• Erik Mosch, Senior Director Product Management Passenger Services, Lufthansa Group Airlines

• Bridie Holowkiewicz, Head of Customer Relations Contact Center, First GroupPlc UK Rail.


Key Highlights

“Have a very, very wide service understanding. Far beyond the customer service organization. That means, build service in your product and use that to get the true root causes why people are forced to contact you. Just get them fixed. Don't apply any work arounds. Really eliminate the root causes.

Seth: "One easy thing to do is stop calling it omnichannel, because that is from your perspective as opposed to the customer's perspective."

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James: "Flexibility, and agility is key. We have to look at proactivity and a little bit more pragmatism on that front in terms of solving the issue that we currently have."

Leo: "Be very creative in looking within your own organization, what type of resources you can use as part of your customer services organization. So in our case, we use employees in our travel shops, in our retail shops. When it's quiet in the shop, they log in as customer service agents for the contact center."

Briday: "Expect the unexpected and make sure you've got robust disruption plans."

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