Microsoft releases exclusive customer service masterclass series

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Chanice Henry

Microsoft customer service

Microsoft has launched a customer service masterclass series that equips attendees with the tools to differentiate their brands through better customer service.

Customer Relationship Management

The series, which is in three installments, starts off with looking at end-to-end engagement. This masterclass examines how customer centricity, empowered employees, artificial Intelligence (AI), and data-driven decisions can transform static interactions into end-to-end engagements that foster long term customer relationships and enhance the customer service experience.

The next installment outlines the critical components of a customer experience (CX) initiative revealing best practice for who should be involved in the definition of a buyer’s journey and the role of company culture in CX.

The final masterclass in this series from Microsoft looks at how customer experience speciallists can lock in return on investment (ROI) with CX programs. It provides the keys to delivering on promises and reaping rewards of long-term customer engagement.

The trio of masterclasses are led by Matt Kresc, Director Product Marketing  at Microsoft and Esteban Kolsky the Founder of ThinkJar, a research think-tank specialising in Customer Strategies.  

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  • How to increase customer retention, revenue growth, and loyalty
  • How to create high-value interactions by putting the customer in the driver's seat
  • The critical role of customer service to ensure better experiences

Part 1: Better customer service with end to end engagement

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Part 2: Critical components of a customer experience initiative

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Part 3: Ensuring the success of your customer experience initiative

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