Terrible Customer Service Lessons From a Facebook Troll

A comedian has taken to Facebook as a customer service agent, showing companies how not to respond to complaints.

Working in the customer service industry your main focus is on how to improve the customer experience you're providing, but have you ever looked at it from the opposite side, to discover what you shouldn't do?

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An American comedian by the name of Ben Palmer has created a fake Facebook profile named "Customer Service". He uses it to highlight in a humorous way the flaws in many companies' customer service approach with exaggerated answers to bereaved customers complaining on company Facebook pages about poor service they've encountered.

You may not tell customers that they don't matter to you, but his heightened responses do show that providing an answer to customers via the internet, where tone of voice is open to interpretation, is a difficult thing and even a genuine 'hope this helps' can come across as condescending.

While his comments are meant in a humorous way, reading some of his responses can serve as a masterclass on what not to do when interacting with customers; don't be rude, impersonal, don't make customers feel inferior, and genuinely try to answer a question satisfactory, even if perhaps it isn't a very clever one.