Sainsbury's Trials New Tech to Provide Differentiated CX to Deaf Customers

The British grocer has introduced SignVideo to its customer contact centres.

The new technology allows deaf customers using British Sign Language (BSL) to contact the supermarket's call centres via a secure video interpreting service.

Sainsbury's already offered Text Relay, however this is the first time deaf customers will have instant British Sign Language access when calling the supermarket. Previously, deaf BSL users had to rely on hearing friends or relatives to make a call for them.

The year-long trial allows customers to place a call to Sainsbury's careline and grocery online contact centres via a free link on the Help Centre, which instantly connects deaf customers to a BSL interpreter who phones the call centre and relays the conversation in real time.

The service will be available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and is free to use.

Tim Fallowfield, Company Secretary, Corporate Services Director and Board Champion for Disability and Carers at Sainsbury's, said:

"We pride ourselves on our customer service, and part of this is making sure it's as easy as possible for all our customers to communicate with us about their shop.

"We already have induction loops in all our stores for hearing aid users, and we're pleased to be trialling this innovative solution to make it even easier for our deaf BSL customers to get in touch with us when they need to."

Have you considered whether your contact centre is easily accessible to those with a disability?

While of course it's very important to provide a fantastic customer experience and ensure an omni-channel strategy encompasses your contact centre too, you also need to make sure that all your customers - regardless of ability - are able to reach out to you with questions, concerns or complaints.