Playful Tweet to Tesco’s Customer Service Team Goes Viral

A Scottish man refused to tell the social care team of Tesco which store sold him an out of date product, claiming "am no grass".

If you have a Twitter account that you don’t solely use for business communications than you’ve likely reached out to a company or brand on occasion to get a question or concern dealt with as it’s a quick way to fire off a message without requiring much effort. And if a company has a good customer service team in place their social channels are monitored regularly, resulting in a prompt answer.

In most cases a customer will reach out to get something resolved but as the social media team for UK supermarket giant Tesco found out this week, this isn’t always the case.

A Glasgwegian man, who goes by the Twitter handle @Hareem_, Tweeted the supermarket’s social care team to show that he had purchased a pack of cookies that was nearly two weeks out of date.

While Tesco customer service representative Owen responded quickly, apologising for the ordeal and enquiring which store had sold the out of date cookies, @Hareem_ replied "am no grass", implying he wasn’t going to stitch up the offending store.

As he didn’t respond any further, the Tesco social media team said they weren’t able to investigate the matter but the exchange has gone viral in the mean time, with the "am no grass" Tweet racking up over 11,000 retweets and 12,000 favourites to date.

What can you learn from this exchange? While Tesco was ultimately not able to help the customer get a new pack of cookies, the humorous exchange has led to a wealth of positive comments for not only the original tweeter but also Tesco.

And the social care team responded to the original Tweet just 16 minutes after it was shared online, which was in the evening hours too, which shows Tesco’s dedication to their customers on social media.

Had they not responded to the first Tweet at all, it is likely it would’ve been followed by a slew of negative remarks about the supermarket giant selling an out of date product, but as it stands they were quick off the mark and the exchange has been called "hilarious" and "amazing" by those commenting on Twitter.