Newegg VP: ‘Customer experience doesn't start in customer service’

In this podcast interview, Newegg’s Global VP of Customer Service talks about how the all-encompassing customer experience doesn’t start or end with their customer service.

Seth Adler



Sue Martin is the Global Vice President of Customer Service for e-commerce retailer Newegg, where she is responsible for the highest level of their overall customer experience.

In this podcast with host Seth Adler she delves into the difference between customer service and customer experience, highlighting the unique and emotional connection their customers have with the Newegg brand.

Martin also talks about her previous roles, which interestingly includes launching the very first loyalty reward programme in the world when she was at American Airlines!

The customer experience doesn't start in customer service, and it doesn't end in customer service.”



1. The real customer relationship

“It's really a relationship, truly, in the truest sense of the word. That's why we take it so seriously. We really never want to hurt our customers' feelings because it is an emotional experience when it comes to Newegg.

“It's so true that when our customers know us and they know we know them, they will defend us to the end of the Earth. But if we hurt them, we have got to get on our knees and let them know how much we care about them.

“We do try to always give them every way they can possibly get to reach us, so that no matter where they are, we're gonna find them. They're gonna find us.”

2. Customer experience vs customer service

“Customer service can be there to help a customer. It can be there to solve an issue. It can be there to try to retain a customer. We do all of those things. But the customer experience doesn't start in customer service, and it doesn't end in customer service.

“Customer service is simply, I always call it, the: I've got your back. I've got your back for the company. I've got your back for the merchandisers. I've got your back for the web designers. I've got your back for the customer, for everybody.

“We're the link that's going to assist between that experience and between the whole experience. We're the spoke that makes sure it all happens.”

3. Move away from shared outsourcing

“We learned, and I think a lot of outsourcers learned, not to do shared outsourcing; to actually dedicate more to one brand or another. You don't really find this as much any longer. It's more of a dedicated environment so that you can really get to know that customer and that brand. This is where I learned to get to know that customer.”