Citizens Bank SVP: Don’t buy into customers’ emotions… listen to them

Seth Adler

Image of customer listening to podcast

In this week’s podcast interview, Cheryl China delves into how customers have changed over the years – and what this means for organisations today


Cheryl China is the SVP, Group Director – Contact Centre Escalation and Specialised Teams at Citizens Bank. She joins CX Network podcast theatre host Seth Adler today to talk about her incredible 19-year-long history at the bank.

To this day, she makes it a point every single day to walk out onto the floor of the contact centre with a key point being to say “good morning” to everyone, or at least welcome folks at the beginning of their respective days.

China wants the team to understand that she’s there for them. As she say: she might not be able to answer every single question like she was able to back in the day, but she can certainly find the answer – or find someone who can find the answer. China sees the contact centre people as the most important employees at the bank as they are the front line; the ones that are talking to the bank’s customers.

She also notes that customers have changed over the years, and she takes us through today’s reality – and what it means to manage your personal brand.