Your guide to getting started with omnichannel marketing

A hands on guide to adopting today’s most powerful marketing strategy

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Omnichannel customer experience

Multichannel marketing and omnichannel marketing may sound similar, but they are far from being the same thing.

While all companies contact customers using more than one channel, relatively few can use all channels in parallel to provide personalized, timely and consistent content that customers want.

Nor can many organizations meet customer expectations as they shift from one channel to another.

With omnichannel customers thought to have 30 per cent more lifetime value than single channel customers, businesses should be striving to provide seameless experiences across channels. 

This Omnichannel Marketing guides takes you step by step through the stages of becoming an organization that routinely benefits from omnichannel customer engagement.

Additionally, you can learn from real world success stories for practical insight on how to make the change to omnichannel content, marketing, and ultimately, customer experience.

Gain practical insight into building an omnichannel marketing system, including:

  • The importance of reviewing the status quo
  • How to refine your requirements
  • Where to develop and deploy your assets
  • How to test your success
  • The five step process to building your omnichannel solution
  • How to build a practical solution that works for you
  • Ways to refine the solution to ensure constant improvement