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Building agility, proactivity and intelligence into contact centre operations

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The landscape of commerce is constantly changing. Businesses face a constant threat of disruption from competitors, technology, and global crises. Customer preferences evolve by the day, and their capacity and willingness to change providers is at an all-time high. While this has been true for years, it has never been quite as apparent as it is today. Contact centres are at the forefront of these changes, and their importance is only growing.

The most agile contact centres do not merely roll with the punches, they have plans and processes in place to systematically identify, quantify and respond to changes in their environment. Situational awareness, identification of problems, sharing knowledge and a robust communications plan can help even the largest contact centres drive organisational agility.

This ICMI accredited toolkit equips contact centre leaders with tools to identify problems on the horizon, efficiently handle dramatic swings in contact volume, and communicate effectively within, and outside, their organisation when time is of the essence. With the right combination of strategy, process, and technology, contact centres can handle anything coming their way.

Download this whitepaper to learn about:

  1. Getting ahead of crises by managing problems
  2. Bolstering agility through knowledge sharing
  3. Intelligence and analytics
  4. Crafting your response to a crisis
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