APAC customer experience trends 2019 report

Research on localised customer experience trends distinct to the Asia-Pacific region.

Chanice Henry

Image of report on Customer experience strategy

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If brands want to craft personalised experiences that are relevant to customers, geographic context should be a key consideration.

Localised experiences are crucial for brands operating within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. 

David Blakers, Managing Director APAC for MaritzCX maintains that understanding geographic context is a necessity for designing and optimising customer experience. “Companies operating across the APAC region are leading the way when it comes to providing localised experiences on an international scale as they cater for multiple languages and unique customs. We often see brands in emerging countries focusing initially on customer acquisition and putting CX on the back burner, as markets mature their focus shifts to retention and improving CX. Brands that adopt a holistic CX management strategy earlier in the growth cycle are proving to outperform industry growth rates.”

“Truly understanding then systematically improving CX across your end to end customer journey is key to developing a sustainable growth strategy in the APAC region.”

Here, CX Network looks at how CX practitioners in APAC are responding to these customer trends to impress clients and prospects.

Use the findings of this report to benchmark your company’s progress and prioritise your plans for the next 12 months accordingly.

This 16-page report offers actionable insights. By reading this report you will learn:

  • Why the geographic context of customers could unlock a competitive edge for your company.
  • How to personalise experiences so you can delight your customers based in APAC
  • How local languages and dialects influence customer satisfaction levels
  • Methods to determine how the customer journey is impacted by region.

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