Podcast theatre of personal conversations with CX experts has launched

Sarah Lattouf

The series of CX Network podcasts has already been recognised as one of the leading customer experience podcasts globally

CX Network has launched a dedicated podcast theatre, which sees the publication of a new thought leading and personal podcast with an industry leader each week.

The series offers listeners access to executives’ insights on-the-go; be it on the plane or a treadmill. This integrates well with the work-life weave that has been surfacing into the business culture, where a neat balance between work and life is not easily compartmentalised.

The same is the case for the contents of the podcasts where host Seth Adler discusses both work and life with his guests, the two intertwining throughout to provide a detailed insight into the psyche of the customer experience leaders of today.

Past interviewees have included the Senior Director Retail Stores at Microsoft, ‎the Executive Vice President and Corporate Head of Customer Experience at Citizens Bank and the Head of Open Innovation at General Motors, and they have discussed everything from realising the building blocks of the American dream to making customer journeys “spectacular”.

Host Seth Adler added: “We have in-depth conversations about what your colleagues know and how they utilise that business intelligence.”

And with over 15 conversations up on iTunes and Google Play, the series has already been selected by NG Data as one of the top 20 best customer experience podcasts globally for CX practitioners to tune into.

Podcast guests range from the leaders within innovative start-ups with a story to tell; all the way through to those working within Fortune 500 companies, ensuring that the series showcases expertise from all levels of the industry.

CX Network podcasts can be found on the CX Network iTunes podcast app and on Google Play, and as a teaser you can listen to the first three conversations below.

Podcast with Deepa Gandhi, Co-Founder and COO, Dagne Dover:

Podcast with Paul Jarrett, Co-Founder and CEO, Bulu Box:

Podcast with Hadi Irvani, Founder, PeachDish: