The greatest way brands can impact customer decisions

Joshua Tye, customer experience leader at Wellstar Health System explores what he labels as the single greatest way an organization can impact customer decisions: the activation of insight.

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Joshua Tye,

Customer engagement strategy

In today’s experience economy, customers are faced with many options and providers, and so are empowered to choose where to consume products and services from. As a result, the responsibility falls upon organizations to activate effective solutions that fulfill customer needs and pain points. Customer engagement strategies should also be customized to the behaviors and preferences of target audiences to increase the likelihood of convincing them of an offering’s value.

Success in this area is usually built on examining relevant data insights on customers. In fact, actions derived from data analysis have transformed most industries considerably over the last 20 years.

Understanding customer decision making

In order for organizations to gain a stronger influence in purchasing decisions, they must first gain a deep understanding of the mechanics behind customer decision making. Brands must explore the real-time and proactive elements of decision making by asking themselves questions like:

  • What is the driving reason behind why the consumer is making this decision?
  • What are the effects of this decision?
  • What thought or action provoked this decision?

An organization’s internal and external Voice of the Customer (VOC) data holds the answers to these questions. These answers can turbocharge more effective engagement strategies that aid customer decision making in a positive direction, educating customers so they fully grasp how a certain product or service matches their needs.

Optimizing experience management through data insights

In exchange for solutions, customers provide companies information that is fundamental to the evolution of internal process efficiency. Along the journey to refine processes and engagement strategies companies are likely to encounter a need to simplify how customers consume products and services. This is completed by continuously evaluating customer goals and the processes that impact these needs. Efficiency paired with quality will always put organizations on the leading end of the customer interactions versus just the lagging end.

Lastly, as a brand develops a predictive and real-time presence in customer’s decision making processes, it creates a concierge-like atmosphere that lends itself to the customer’s goals recommending and promoting consistent quality and efficiency. The stronger your presence isin the decision making process, the greater the likelihood of consumers making decisions that work in your favor. Ultimately, over time this can turn your customers into ambassadors of your products and services.