Ten insightful quotes from customer experience experts

Highlights from our recent podcast interviews to inspire you on your CX journey

Over the past few months you’ve had the chance to listen to in-depth interviews with a range of industry leaders in our CX Network podcast theatre with host Seth Adler. He doesn’t just discuss with them their customer experience challenges and wins, but he goes in deep to discover what makes them tick and how they got to where they are today.

As a result, his interviews are insightful and inspirational, and in this round-up we shine a spotlight on some of the most memorable ones from recent months.

Ted podcast

>> Listen to Ted Graham’s full interview

Gene podcast

>> Listen to Gene Lunger’s full interview

Paul podcast

>> Listen to Paul Stone’s full interview

Jerry podcast

>> Listen to Jerry Roberts’ full interview

Kathryn podcast

>> Listen to Kathryn Moore’s full interview

Jennifer quote

>> Listen to Jennifer MacMenamin’s full interview

Jean podcast

>> Listen to Jean Guibert’s full interview

Frank podcast

>> Listen to Frank Eliason’s full interview

Antonio podcast

>> Listen to Antonio Zaccheo’s full interview

Paco podcast 

>> Listen to Paco Underhill’s full interview