7-Eleven Launches Mobile-Only Customer Loyalty Scheme

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The new millennial-friendly mobile loyalty scheme prompts the concern whether it might alienate a less tech-savvy generation.

Despite recent research finding that the majority of over-55s customers still prefer physical loyalty cards over mobile apps, American convenience store chain 7-Eleven has launched a mobile-only rewards scheme, 7Rewards, especially with the digitally savvy millennials in mind.

"We know that millennials like to have plenty of choices and, hands down, 7Rewards offers more beverage variety than any other rewards programme," 7-Eleven vice president of marketing and brand innovation, Laura Gordon, explained.

The customer loyalty platform is a mobile app that lets customers save up for a free drink. For each beverage purchased, the cashier will scan the barcode within the app and a digital punch in the shape of a star icon will appear. Collect six ‘punches’ and a notification will pop up within the app to notify the customer that they have earned a free drink.

So unless you forget your phone or are running out of battery, collecting a free drink has never been easier. And whether you’ve purchased the cheapest, smallest drinks on offer or consistently get the bigger ones to collect your star icons, the free beverage can be any from the store’s selection, regardless of size or price.

Gordon added that the new loyalty scheme is the retailer’s way of saying thanks to their customers.

She said: "If you come in every day, scan your 7Rewards app barcode, you can get one free drink a week or even more, and that’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ to our customers and letting them get more of what they want at 7-Eleven."

What are your thoughts on a mobile-only loyalty scheme? Does it align with the modern, digitally savvy customer or do you think it will alienate a less tech-dependent generation?