Using Journey Maps to Understand and Measure the Impact of Emotion on Customer Experience

Q&A with Michael Gazala, Forrester Research Vice President and Research Director, Customer Experience.

Michael Gazala Pic.jpgForrester Research Vice President and Research Director, Customer Experience, Michael Gazala, will be presenting a keynote and lead a workshop exercise at the forthcoming Customer Experience Transformation for Financial Services event (15-17 September, London).

Here is a sneak peek into the 3 questions Michael will be covering during the sessions on how to use journey maps to understand and measure the impact of emotion on customer experience.

  • What is the importance of customer journey mapping?

  • Why do CX professionals need to understand (and measure) emotion?

  • How do you measure the role of emotion in CX?

For more information on how your firm can benchmark and measure customer experience in the Financial Services sector visit this Forrester page: